ICICLE Educational Fellows Program

NEWS:  Call for 2023 Educational Fellows now open

PDF Version of Call for Applications can be found here.

The goal of the ICICLE Educational Fellows program is to engage graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career educators and researchers in career building experiences and opportunities at the nexus of artificial intelligence, cyberinfrastructure, and education and training while furthering the educational and outreach objectives of the institute.The 2023 program theme is Democratizing AI: making AI more accessible to a wider range of potential users, engaging a wide range of people in the design of AI, and democratizing the benefits of AI.  
The successful ICICLE Educational Fellow will engage with the ICICLE institute through a nine-month fellowship under the guidance of the collective action working group within ICICLE, called the Broader Impacts Network. The activities of the fellow can be inspired by any of ICICLE’s working groups and thrust areas, such as intelligent cyberinfrastructure; privacy, accountability, and data integrity; AI ethics and democratization; smart foodsheds; animal ecology; and AI literacy.

Call for Applications

The educational fellow will have an opportunity to work on real-world challenges of high importance to the institute.  Examples of types of activity that might be undertaken in the fellowship are given in this non-comprehensive list: 

  • Hold focus group discussions with future ICICLE stakeholders 
  • Develop educational modules around ethically aware use of ICICLE  
  • Serve as ambassadors in their community by hosting workshops
  • Liaise between future ICICLE communities and the institute with respect to future community needs
  • Lead hands-on training in AI-enabled cyberinfrastructure
  • Create educational materials for AI in food systems or other science application areas suitable for delivery by K-12 educators
  • Develop data management models for animal ecology studies and other application areas

The educational fellow will be matched with content experts in ICICLE, allowing access to situational context and domain experts, while working on an activity of their design.

The 2023 ICICLE Educational Fellowship experience will kick off with attendance at a June 2023 cohort-building fellows orientation workshop in Bloomington, Indiana (in-person unless exceptional circumstances exist), during which time fellows will work with ICICLE team members to refine their activity plan. Fellows are expected to participate in relevant ICICLE meetings on a regular basis through the summer and fall of 2023; and it is over this period that the bulk of the fellow’s planned activity is executed. Fellows will present their results at the annual Fall ICICLE All Hands Meeting.  The fellow will be expected to submit a final report following the conclusion of their fellowship.  

ICICLE Educational Fellows will receive a stipend of $6000 and as well as expense-paid travel to the cohort building orientation and to the ICICLE All Hands meeting.

Eligibility: Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career educators and researchers are welcome to apply.  Applicants must be actively enrolled in, or formally affiliated with, a US-based institution. 

The ICICLE Educational Fellows program is committed to diversity and inclusion.  ICICLE welcomes applicants regardless of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status. Applications from those representing historically underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged. 

Eligible applicants will be available for in-person attendance at the June 2023 orientation workshop, and participate in person or virtually in the 2023 ICICLE All Hands meeting. 

To apply: Applicants are encouraged to browse the Institute website to identify relevant topics and mutual interests. Applicants should submit their 1) resume/curriculum vitae and a 2) 300-500 word statement that describes:

  • Your specific interests in the ICICLE institute
  • The community with which you are connected (if any)
  • Your career goals and the benefit this fellowship will have on your career trajectory, and
  • A brief description of the activities that you are  interested in undertaking as an ICICLE Educational Fellow.

Applications should be e-mailed to pti@iu.edu.  


Important Dates: 

April 16, 2023                   Fellowship applications are due 

May 1, 2023                      Award notifications

Week of 19-23 June, 2023              The fellowship begins with a required in-person orientation workshop in Bloomington, IN.

Late Fall 2023                  Project presentation at All-Hands meeting