Education and Outreach

The institute will train the next generation of researchers, educators, and practitioners in professional practices in AI/CI, will increase AI/CI literacy, and will establish a culture of awareness of both human and AI bias and ethics. It will accomplish its goals through training, mentoring, and educational and outreach activities and events. 

The five-year plan to reach these objectives is guided by a backbone group, and uses a phased approach of increasingly larger audiences .

  • Years 1-2 activities focus on the ICICLE team itself with workshops and mentoring to establish the culture of the ICICLE team for graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, researchers, staff, and faculty. Develop paths to marginalized communities.
  • Years 2-4 reaches to the broader ICICLE community and stakeholders. Here activities include enhancements to degree programs and internships. We grow competency in bias recognition through.  Using Community-Based Participatory Research we engage the food, agriculture, and animal science communities.  The ICICLE Fellows Program welcomes the broader community to contribute to the educational mission.
  • Years 4-5 we reach to K-12 students and career professionals through K-12 summer camps, research projects for 11-12th grade students, IC-Foods workshops for food scientists