• Intelligent Cyberinfrastructure

    • Software Architecture and Design

      • TapisBase - Tapis is an NSF-funded web-based API framework for securely managing computational workloads across infrastructure and institutions, so that experts can focus on their research instead of the technology needed to accomplish it. As part of work funded by the National Science Foundation starting in 2019, Tapis is delivering a version 3 (“v3”) of its platform with several new capabilities, including a multi-site Security Kernel, Streaming Data APIs, and first-class support for containerized applications.
      • Tapis Pods Service - The Pods Service is a web service and distributed computing platform providing pods-as-a-service (PaaS). The service implements a message broker and processor model that requests pods, alongside a health module to poll for pod data, including logs, status, and health. The primary use of this service is to have quick to deploy long-lived services based on Docker images that are exposed via HTTP or TCP endpoints listed by the API.
  • Use Inspired Science

    • Digital Agriculture

      • SoftwarePilot - SoftwarePilot is an open source middleware and API that supports aerial applications. SoftwarePilot allows users to connect consumer Parrot Anafi drones to programmable pythonscripts that provide access to the drones flight controller, camera, and navigation system as well as custom rest api and dockerfile integration.