List of all ICICLE Components available Here



  • Intelligent Cyberinfrastructure

    • AI for CI-for-AI

    • Software Architecture and Design

      • Hello Icicle Authentication Clients <0.0.1> - Jupyter Notebooks and Python command line clients that will access ICICLE resources and services using ICICLE authentication mechanisms. Focussed on developing authenticated connections to Tapis pods hosted on a TACC server


  • Use Inspired Science

    • Animal Ecology

      • Camera Traps Edge Simulator <0.3.0> - The camera-traps application is both a simulator and an edge device application for classifying images, with the first deployment specializing in wildlife images. The simulation environment will be implemented first and serve as a test bed for protocols and techniques that optimize storage, execution time, power and accuracy. The ultimate goal is to deploy a version of this application on camera-trap devices in the wild.

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